Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cork Floor

I'm starting work on a new project today, a residential unit over looking Rittenhouse square.  It's in the Parc building, right over the Stephen Starr restaurant of the same name.  I'm super excited about it both as I've wanted to do some residential work for some time and because among other things, check out the view...

 It's definitely winter in Philly, but once those trees green up and the park comes to life, it'll be amazing.
 Anyways, I'm already starting to think of things I'd like to do in the space.  Since the owners are wine enthusiasts, I immediately thought this product that I saw on This Old House's blog "The Hardware Aisle" would be great to use, perhaps in the kitchen.

 Cork flooring "tile", recycled from rejected wine corks, durable and stain resistant, soft underfoot, and just plain beautiful.  Heck, I'd like to put it in our kitchen too.  It'd be perfect for dancing while I'm cooking dinner... which is usually to top 40 hits of the year past.  I have great taste in flooring.  Many would say "not so much", about my taste in music.